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Farmer brother, today’s our blog topic is Mycorrhizal fungi. which we find in abtec’s  product called VAM !! In this we will know some important things related to Mycorrhizal fungi. In which we will know what is mycorrhiza? What is its function in the plant? And how does it work?  Why is mycorrhizal fungi important for plants? Does it have benefits?

mycorrhizal fungi

What are it’s a uses ? Is it fatal for us? Does it damage the crop? As well as some other important things related to it? Farmer brother, first of all, let’s talk about the basic information of Mycorrhiza fungus  ?

Mycorrhizal fungi Basic Detail-

Mycorrhiza is a biofertilizer fungus also known as VAM (Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhiza). It grows in the roots of the plant. It is a type of mutually modifiable fungus that takes food from the plant and in turn gives the plant the necessary nutrients.

That is to say, plants make their own food with the help of the process of photosynthesis, including organic sugar. The plant  gives this sugar to mycorrhizae. Mycoryza absorbs water from the soil and the necessary nutrients from its roots and provides it to the plant. Increases the quality of the soil, which accelerates the growth of the plant. The yield increases.

Pro Tip: “If you take care of soil, this is what the soil will take care of you.” -Unknown.

Now we talk about the technical content found in it?

In this, farmer brother, we have mycorrhiza glomus fasciulatum 103 propagules / G is available in  wettable powder form. Many other companies are also making this product.

What nutrients does it provide to the plants ?

It provides phosphorus, potash and water to the plant in the necessary nutrients from the soil, in addition to zinc, manganese, cobalt and molybdenum in myconutrients , which accelerates the growth of the plant.  It also removes stress from the plant. Apart from this, the roots of the plant grow. Makes the roots strong.

Pro Tip: “If you work on roots, you don’t have to worry about fruits.” -Unknown.

Mycorrhiza fungus in which crops can we give it ?

We can mainly use it in cotton, soybean, ginger, turmeric, black pepper, arecanut, pulses, vegetable crops, horticulture, floriculture, nursery, almost all crops. Farmer brothers now talk  about the benefits to the crops?


Cotton :

Protects the plant from stress, generates the action of photosynthesis. It smooths the internal functioning of the plant. Apart from this, it helps in removing the deficiency of phosphorus in cotton. Prevents soil-borne diseases from coming to the plant. Help in fruit- flower blooming.

Provides protection to the plant.   Helpful to increase the yield.  Gives strength.  Helps in the developmentof plants.  Helps to keep the plant green.  Gives the plant the strength to fight diseases.

Vegetable crops :

In vegetable crops, it increases the roots of the plant. It removes the deficiency of phosphorus by spreading in the soil, besides removes the deficiency of potash, cobalt, manganese. Helps to keep the plant green. Prevents the arrival of nimtodes. Helps in increasing the yield.

Helps to keep crops stress-free. Gives the plant good strength to fight diseases. Helps in the fruit size and quality of the flower.

Turmeric + Cheakpeas :

In Turmeric mainly helps protect against soil borne fungus, enhances the ability of the soil to hold water. Improves the quality of the soil. Removes the deficiency of potash, phosphorus in the plant.

Generates the amount of green lavak/chlorophyll. Helps to keep the plant healthy. It helps to increase the yield. Farmer brother, now we talk  about its market rate? How much can it cost?

Price/ Market Rate:

So here the pack of about 1 kg comes from 90-120 Rupees, according to the location, country, the price can be slightly higher or lower.  Farmer brother, at what rate are you getting in your area!! Do let us know in the comments.

The thing to be careful about is that you should stay away from buying local cheap pesticide. The choice of genuine product is good. If we talk about its manufacturer company, then it is the product of Abtec.

Farmer brother, let me tell you that other companies are also giving this technical Mycorrhizal fungi.  There is nothing that you just have to take abtec’s VAM!! If it is available, you can buy it. If not, you can buy the same technical that the company is offering in your area.

You can also order it online.  But farmer brother should keep in mind that you should stay away from buying local pesticide, save money and crops from loss. Farmer brother, now let’s talk about  its dosage?


Farmer brother, if you are cultivating horticulture, then you have to give 10-20 grams per plant to the roots of the plant. Also, for seed treatment, you can take 25 grams per 1 kg of seeds. After treating the seeds, you should dry it in the shade for half an hour, so that it sticks well with the seeds.

You can also give it with water while running water in the field.  You can give it at any stage of the plant. Just keep in mind that there is a need to have moisture in the field. The most important thing to be careful is that you do not give it with any fungicide. Results are not available. Due to being a fungus itself, fungicides eliminate it.

Now we talk about how we can multiply it at home ?

You have to take 1 kg mycorrhiza + 1 kg Gudh/Jaggery, along with you can take water according to your need. You can also increase the amount of Gudh if you want. Mix them together in 1 bucket and mix well and cover the bucket tightly with a vessel and keep it in the shade place for 7-10 days or where it is slightly cold. It is ready to be used in 7-10 days. Later you can use it.

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Frequently asked questions?

Is Mycorrhizal fungi a chemical fungus? No, it is an organic fungus

Is it right to give Mycorrhizal fungi in strong sunlight on the upper surface of the soil? No. Strong sunlight damage it, it needs moisture.

Does the use of Mycorrhizal fungi cause plants to burn? No.

Does Mycorrhiza harm the plant? No.

How long does it take for Mycorrhiza to work? It starts its work as soon as it is given in the soil, it becomes completely smooth in 4 weeks.

Can we give mycorrhiza and fungicides together? No

Can be used in vegetable crops? Yes

Does mycorrhiza harm us? No

When does Mycorrhiza mycorrhiza die from a soil ? It starts dying when the temperature exceeds 140 degrees F’.

Can we use expired mycorrhiza?  The chances of getting less results.

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Thank you so much for reading the post , Till then, take care of yourself and your crop!!  Jai Hind Jai Bharat!!

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