Pseudomonas fluorescens Uses in agriculture Price Dose Content?

Pseudomonas fluorescens uses

Farmer Brother today’s our blog topic is Pseudomonas fluorescens. Which we find in abtec’s  product called Pseudo!! In this we will learn some important things related to Pseudomonas fluorescens uses. Is it a bacteria or a fungus? What can happen to us? What are the benefits to the plant? Is it fatal for us? Does … Read more

Potash fertilizer Uses Price Dose Content | Benefits | Side Effect ?

Hello farmer brother today we discuss about Potash fertilizer. What is the function of potash in crops? Does the use of potash increase the yield? Is it harmful to soil? What benefits does potash provide to crops? Apart from this, we will know some other important things related to potash. What is its market rate?  … Read more

Beauveria Bassiana Spray Benefits Agriculture Uses | Price Dose ?

Beauveria Bassiana Spray

Farmer brother, today’s our blog topic is Beauveria Bassiana fungus. Which comes under  the product name Beveroz !! What are its uses ?  Is it capable of stopping pests ? How long does it take to control the insects ?  How can we multiply it at home ? What does the beauveria bassiana fungus eat … Read more

Urea fertilizer Uses | Benefits Side effects | Good or Bad for Crops?

Hello farmer brother. Today we discuss about Urea fertilizer uses. What is the function of urea fertilizer in the plant? Is urea and DAP fertilizer both the same? What are the benefits of giving urea fertilizer in crops? What are the disadvantages of urea fertilizer? Should we give only urea fertilizer. Is it harmful to … Read more

Cotton Crop Diseases and There Management Guide Crop Solution

Many fungal diseases are seen in cotton cultivation. Due to which the yield of cotton has a very bad effect. Most fungal diseases are seen after the flowering stage. Our farmer brothers do insect control very well. Due to lack of adequate information about fungal diseases, many farmer brothers have to face losses. ( cotton … Read more

Soya Crop Diseases in Hindi सोयाबीन फसल के प्रमुख रोग और नियंत्रण ?

सोयाबीन की खेती में बहुत से फफूंद जनीत रोगों का प्रकोप देखनेको मिलता है. जिससे उपज में भारी गिरावट देखनेको मिलता है. किसान भाई आज हम बात करने वाले की आप कैसे इन फफूंद जनीत रोगों के प्रकोप से सोयाबीन की सुरक्षा कर सकते है. उपज बढ़ा सकते है. इसमे हम जानेंगे फफूंद जनीत रोगों … Read more