Mango Tree Disease Management Guide Symptoms & Remedies !!

Farmer brothers are doing mango horticulture!! Or are you going to do it!! Outbreaks of many fungal diseases are seen on the mango tree. Some appear in the early stages. So some appear in the state of fruit and flower. Due to which the yield of mangoes declines. Quality is not good!! Due to which … Read more

Mancozeb Fungicide Uses Price Dose Content Crop Benefits ?

Farmer brother, today we will talk about how you can eliminate Alternaria blight, Downy mildew and late blight with the help of Mancozeb fungicide !! Farmer brothers are cultivating potatoes!! Or your grape farming!! Outbreaks of alternaria blight, downy mildew and late blight are seen on plants. Due to which the quality of tomatoes and … Read more

Captan Fungicide Uses Price Dose Content Benefits Side Effects ?

captan fungicide

Farmers Brother are you cultivating apple, or you are cultivating grapes crop, or you are cultivating vegetable crops!! Fungal outbreaks are seen on the plant, due to which the yield is greatly reduced. There is a loss of the crop, farmer brother, today we will talk about how you can eliminate fungus with the help … Read more

Mycorrhizal Fungi Uses Price Dose Content Plant Benefits | VAM ?

mycorrhizal fungi

Farmer brother, today’s our blog topic is Mycorrhizal fungi. which we find in abtec’s  product called VAM !! In this we will know some important things related to Mycorrhizal fungi. In which we will know what is mycorrhiza? What is its function in the plant? And how does it work?  Why is mycorrhizal fungi important … Read more

Neem Oil for Plants | Azadirachtin Uses Crop Benefits Price Dose ?

Neem Oil for Plants

Farmer brother, today’s our blog topic is Uses of Neem Oil for plants !! Which we technically  also call Azadirachtin. Which is available in the market called Econeem Plus.  What is the function of neem oil in the plant? Is it organic?  Neem oil causes very little damage to the crops instead of other chemical … Read more

Soybean plant Disease Management Guide | Symptoms | Control ?

soybean plant

In soybean plant cultivation, there is an outbreak of many fungal diseases. Due to which there is a huge decline in yield. Farmer brother, today we are going to talk about how you can protect soybean from the outbreak of these fungal diseases. Will help to increase yield. In this, we will know what are … Read more