Mancozeb Fungicide Uses Price Dose Content Crop Benefits ?

Farmer brother, today we will talk about how you can eliminate Alternaria blight, Downy mildew and late blight with the help of Mancozeb fungicide !!

mancozeb fungicide

Farmer brothers are cultivating potatoes!! Or your grape farming!! Outbreaks of alternaria blight, downy mildew and late blight are seen on plants. Due to which the quality of tomatoes and potatoes declines as well as the yield is low. The yield of grapes is low, there is a loss of the crop!!

Today We will know some important things related to Indofill M-45 fungicide, in which crops we can use it ? How many Doses to take ? How much is its market rate? Does it not cause any harm to our crops?  What causes Alternaria blight, Downy mildew, late blight? What are its symptoms?

Farmer brothers first we talk about the technical content found in it?

In this, we got Mancozeb 75% WP which comes in wettable powder form.  It is a Broad spectrum Contact fungicide.  As soon as the fungus comes in contact with it, it ends.  It also easily controls  other fungal diseases due to it’s broad spectrum fungicide nature. It dissolves easily in water,  due to being protective, prevents fungal diseases from coming.

Also it contains Zinc and Manganese . which increases the amount of green lavak/ chlorophyll in the plant, the crop is green.

Farmer brothers let’s talk about what causes this fungus?

Downy mildew  is caused by Omycete fungus. Attacks the old leaves of the plant first. In which light green spots appear on the top surface of the leaves, which later turn into yellow spots. This fungus grows by staying on the surface beneath the leaves. As it grows, the leaves of the plant turn brown and later dry up.

Alternaria blight caused by Alternaria brassicicola, Alternaria brassicae and Alternaria raphanin fungus. In this, you will see brown stains in a round shape on the leaves of the plant, which will show yellow color around and cracks on the leaves in the middle. First: You will see the plants on the lower leaves.

And Late blight is caused  by a fungus called the Omycete pathogen Phytophthora infestans. In which you will see that on the bottom surface of the leaves, you will feel as if the water from the leaves has dried up, which later grows into purple brown stains.

How its mode of action is on the fungus  ?

It breaks down the outer cells of the fungus and enters the fungus and eliminates the membrane of the  fungus, due to which the fungus slowly starts dying, the endoffus is eliminated.

Talking about the result time, if there is no rain immediately after spraying, then it gives good results for 10-15 days. You can spray it by mixing it with tonic, NPK and any pesticide. But do not mix it with weed killers.  Crop can be damaged.

Also, Do not spray it by mixing it with lime sulfur (sulfur) and bordiox.

In which crops can we spray Mancozeb fungicide ?

We can spray it mainly in paddy, tomato, peanut, potato, sorghum, corn, chili, watermelon, melon, onion, ginger, cabbage, soybean, sunflower, apple, coconut, acrod, guava, banana , beetroot, gourd, lentils, wheat, bitter gourd and grapes.

Now we talk about the benefits to the crops?


Protects the plant from stress, reduces the dropping of flowers. In Tomatoes mainly control late blight, buck eye rot and leaf spots . Eliminates zinc and manganese deficiency. Provides protection to the  plant.  It is helpful to increase the yield.

Gives strength. Helpful in the development of the plants.  Helps to keep the plant green. Helps the plant to fight diseases.

Grapes :

It controls Angular leaf spots, anthracnose, and downy mildew. Eliminates manganese and zinc deficiency. Make the plant green. Maintains the quality of grapes. It makes its hold on selling easily in the market.

Provides security.  It is helpful for increasing the yield. Strengthens the plant. Helpful in the development of plants. Helps to keep the crop green . Helps the plant to fight diseases .

Peanuts :

In Peanuts mainly control leaf spots and rust. Provides protection to the crop.  Increases the amount of zinc in the plant. Helps in increasing the yield. Strengthens the crop.  Helps in plant development. Helps to keep the  plant green. Gives strength to the plant to fight diseases  .

Potato :

In potatoes it mainly controls early blight, late blight and downy mildew. It is helpful for increasing the yield .  Strengthens the crop. Eliminates zinc and manganese deficiency. Maintains the quality of potatoes, which helps in getting a good rate in the market.

Provides security. Helpful in the development of plants. Helps to keep the crop green.  Gives strength to the plant to fight diseases.

Paddy :

It controls the blast in paddy . Provides security, enhances quality. Helps in increasing the  yield. Gives strength. Increases the amount of manganese-zinc. Helps in the development of  plants.  Help to keep the crop green. Helps the plant to fight diseases .

Market rate/Price ? How much can it cost?

So here the pack of about 1kg comes to 550-600 Rupees, according to the location and country, the price can be seen slightly higher and lower. Farmer brother, please tell us at what rate you are getting in your market.

Farmers brother should stay away from buying local pesticide, the choice of genuine pesticide is good. If we talk about its manufacturer company, then it  is the product of Indofil Agro.

Farmer brothers,  Tell you that other companies are also providing this technical. There is nothing that you have to take only indofill M-45 fungicide , you can buy the technical that the company is offering in your location. Farmer brothers, avoid buying cheap local pesticide with the same technical. Save your money and your crop from damage. Farmer brother, now let’s talk about its dosage?


For wheat, corn, paddy, sorghum, potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, watermelons, melons, gourd, bitter gourd, guava, onions, peanuts, sunflower, grapes and lentils,

you have to take 1.5-2 kg per hectare in 750 liters of water, 40 GM per 15 liters of water, 65-70 GM per 25 liters of petrol pump .

For Beans, coconut and guava, you have to take 20-30  gms per tree in 10 liters of water  .

For Bananas, you have to take it at 30gm per 15 liters of water, 50gm per 25 liters of petrol pump .

Before spraying, shake the tank well with the help of a stick so that the fungicide dissolves well .

Side effects ? And some precautions ?

Just as you know that excessive work causes harm, in the same way, spraying the pesticide in excess can spoil the crop. And the thing to note is that spraying the fungicide in very small quantities reduces the effect of the fungicide, results are not obtained. You may have to spray again, spray with the right amount, save your precious time and labor expenses.

Not tying a cloth on the mouth and spraying can cause breathing problems, vomiting, Headache, eye irritation, abdominal pain. This fungicide is poisonous, please keep it out of the reach of your children and your animals.

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Frequently asked questions ?

Can we give mancozeb fungicide and pesticide together? Yes

Is mancozeb fungicide systemic fungicide? No

Can we use expired  mancozeb fungicide?  It is better if you don’t do it.

Does  mancozeb fungicide interact with lime sulfur? Yes

So farmer brothers, how did you like this information, please tell us by commenting, your suggestion is important for us. For the latest information about other important fungicide , you can subscribe to our blog  and share it with other farmer brothers.

Thank you so much for reading the post ,Till then, take care of yourself and your crop !!  Jai Hind Jai Bharat!!

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