Propiconazole Fungicide Uses Price Dose Content Benefits ?

Farmer brother is you cultivating wheat, or you are cultivating paddy, or you are cultivating peanuts!! Fungal diseases are seen on the plant, which causes a considerable decline in yield. Crop loss, farmer brother, today we will talk about how you can eliminate fungal diseases with the help of Propiconazole fungicide!!

So that our crop is safe and we get good yield. Get good prices in the market and at the same time we will know some other important things related to Propiconazole Fungicide,

In which crops can we use it? How much dose to take? How much is its market rate? Does it not cause any harm to our crops?

First of all, we talk about the technical content found in it?

In this, farmer brother we got Propiconazole 25% EC which comes in liquid liquid  form.  It has a broad spectrum fungicide.  It  works in a systemic manner, prevents fungus by spreading throughout the plant, as well as it is protective, preventing the fungus from coming to the plant, besides the farmer also has curative property, which controls the fungus spread on the plant.

propiconazole fungicide

Now let’s talk about which fungi it eliminates?

It primarily controls Early blight, late blight, sheath blight, rust, Krunal bunt and leaf spot.

Now the farmer brother knows how its mode of action is on the fungus ?

Due to being a systemic fungus killer, it goes to the internel system of the plant and prevents fungus. Eliminates the membrane of  the fungus. The cells of the fungus  begin to die. Due to which the fungus slowly starts dying, the end off user disappears.

Talking about the result time, if there is no rain immediately after spraying, then it gives good results for upto 15-20 days. You can spray it by mixing it with tonic , NPK,  any pesticide. But do not mix it with weed killers.  Damage to the crop.

Now let’s talk about Propiconazole fungicide spray in which crops can we do?

We can spray it mainly in paddy, groundnut, wheat, cotton, tea leaves and soybean. Apart from this, we can use it in corn, sorghum, oats, lemon, mushroom, apricot, bhidurashta, peach, plum and aloo bukhara.

Pro Tip: “The right things lead to the right results.” -Unknown.

Crop Benefits:


The farmer brother starts his work immediately after spraying. Fungicide go into the internal system of the plant and prevent diseases.  In paddy it mainly controls sheath blight, protects the plant from stress, which improves the internal functioning of the plant. Helps in increasing the amount of green lavak/ chlorophyll. Helps in better filling of bales.

The crop helps in staying green. It provides relief from damage caused by sheath blight, protects the plant from diseases, and helps in increasing the yield.


It fails in the plant immediately after spraying. It controls the kurnal bunt, leaf rust, stem rust and stripe rust. Protects the crop from diseases. Helps to stay green. The internal functioning of the plant improves due to the elimination of disease outbreaks. Helps the plant to be healthy.

Helps in the cooking method of the plant. It helps in good filling of wheat. Maintains the quality of seeds. Apart from this, it helps to take nutrients from the land of the plant. Which helps in increasing production.


In this, the farmer helps to keep the plant green. Helps to increase the yield. Peanuts  prevent early leaf spots, late leaf spots and rust, which protects the plants from diseases. Helps the crop to remain green. Helps in good filling of grains.

Maintains the quality of peanuts. Apart from this, Help in increasing the yield.


In soybean, it mainly  controls rust, which  provides relief from rust damage and helps to keep the crop green.

Apart from this, the farmer brother strengthens the crop. Helps to increase the yield. Maintains the quality of soybean. It helps in filling the field well.

Cotton :

It does its job immediately after spraying. Prevents fungus coming into cotton , in which it controls leaf spots.

Also, the farmer brother helps to keep the plant green. Helps  in reducing the dropping of fruits and flowers.  It is helpful for increasing the yield.  Strengthens the crop.

Apart from this, the farmer brother maintains the quality of cotton, which helps in getting a good price in the market. Gives the plant the strength to fight diseases. Helps in development. Farmer brother, now  let’s talk about its dosage?


For the best result, you have to take 200 ml per acre in 150-200 liters of water,

20-25ml per 15 liters of water, 35-40ml per 25 liters petrol pump.

Before spraying, shake the tank well with the help of a stick so that the fungicide mixes well. With this you can take Biovita or Sagarika in a micro nutrient tonic. Farmer brothers now talk about its market rate  ? How much can it cost?

Market rate/ Price :

So here a pack of about 250ml comes to 350-400 rupees.  According to the location an country, the price can be seen slightly higher or lower. Farmer brother, at what rate are you getting in your area? Do let us  know in the comments.

TIP: Farmer brother, avoid buying local pesticide. It is good to choose genuine pesticide for best results.

If we talk about its manufacturer company, then it  is the product of Crystal Crop Protection. Also, other companies are also giving technical propiconazole 25% EC.  There is nothing that you just  have  to take Tilt fungicide.  If tilt is available, you can buy it, if not, then you can buy it from the company that is offering this technical.

Farmers brother should keep in  mind that  they should take only original fungicide with the same technical. Avoid buying cheap local fungicide!! Save your money from the loss of buying wrong fungicide.

What about the damage?  And some precautions?

As you know, there is a loss if you do too much. In the same way, spraying the fungicide in excess can spoil the crop. And the thing to note is that spraying the fungicide in very small quantities reduces the effect of the fungicide. Results are not available.

You may have to spray again, sprinkle with the right amount, avoid spending your precious time and labor.

Not tying a cloth on the mouth and spraying can cause breathing problems, vomiting, headache, burning in the eyes, abdominal pain, dizziness. Farmer brother, the fungicide is poisonous, please keep it out of the reach of your children and your animals.

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Frequently asked questions ?

Can we give tilt fungicide and pesticide together? Yes

Propiconazole Fungicide is a Systemic Fungicide? Yes.

Can we use expired Propiconazole fungicide?  Do not do it. Results are less. You may have to spray again.

So farmer brother, how did you like this information, please tell us by commenting, your suggestion is important for us. For the latest information about other important pesticide, you can subscribe to our blog and share it with other farmer brothers.

Thank you so much for reading the post ,Till then, farmer brothers should take care of yourself and your crops.  !! Jai Hind Jai Bharat !!

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