Mango Tree Disease Management Guide Symptoms & Remedies !!

Farmer brothers are doing mango horticulture!! Or are you going to do it!! Outbreaks of many fungal diseases are seen on the mango tree. Some appear in the early stages. So some appear in the state of fruit and flower. Due to which the yield of mangoes declines. Quality is not good!! Due to which there are problems in getting rates in the market.

Farmer brother, today we are going to talk about how you can treat these fungal diseases in time? So that the yield and quality of our mangoes can be increased. We will know in detail.

Why is it important to know about diseases ?

Farmer brother, see if our doctors do not know about the patient’s disease, then how will the treatment be done. In such a situation, it will take a lot of time, the cost of money will increase and the disease will continue to increase day by day. It is important to know about the disease so that this does not happen. So that he can be treated in time. Avoid our loss. In the same way, if we do not know about common diseases, then we will not be able to treat them in time. We will suffer a lot.

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Major Mango tree Diseases and Remedies –

1. Anthracnose.

Symptoms– In this, you will see that the trees on which it is attacked, the initial symptoms appear on their leaves, which later turn into black stains. Also, it appears on the leaves, on the fruits, on the twigs. When more disease increases, the twigs dry up. There is unwanted dropping of fruits. Stains appear on the fruits. Many times the problem of fruit rot is seen.  Colletotrichum is caused by the worm of a fungus called gloeosporioides.

Remedies– To treat this, you can spray Pseudomonas fluorescens on flowering twigs at an interval of 3 weeks. In addition, you can use other fungicides. In addition, you can soak mangoes in hot water for 15 minutes before storing them. You can also soak the mangoes in Benomyl solution (500ppm) or Thiobendazole (1000ppm)  for  5 minutes.

2. Red rust.

Symptoms– In this, you see light green type stains on the newly grown leaves, which later turn light red into rust. This is due to the outbreak of the Algae. As a result of which the plants become stressed. They are not able to cook properly. They are not able to develop themselves properly.

Remidies– For this, you can spray Bordeaux mixture (0.6%) or copper oxychloride 0.25% , in addition to any other fungicide that contains this technical.

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3. Grey Blight.

Symptoms– In this, you will see brown stains in the middle of the leaves or on the last end. Which increases its size even more by spreading the disease. Then after some time they turn into black spots. The amount of green lavak/ chlorophyll from the leaves starts decreasing. It is caused by a fungus called Pestalotia mangiferae , which is mostly attacked in the monsoon season, sometimes it remains on the leaves for a whole year, as well as spread by strong winds.

Remedies– To avoid this, you should break the diseased twigs from the plant and destroy them. Also, For sprinkle on mango tree you can take Copper oxychloride 0.25, Mancozeb 0.25% or Bordeaux mixture 1.0%.

4. Stem and rot.

Symptoms- In this, you will see that a light black circle will be formed on the upper surface of the fruit. Which fails with time. Spoils the fruits. Fruits turn black within 2-3 days of getting a favorable environment. This is  mainly caused by a fungus called Diplodia natalensis.

Remedies– For this, you can use Carbendazim or Thiophanate Methyl (0.1%) or  Chlorathalonil (0.2%).

5. Sooty mold.

This disease is caused by a fungus called Capnodium mangiferae, which produces a substance called mycelium. sucking pest like affid, jessids leave some sticky substances on the leaves. On these substances, this fungus grows. The leaves begin to cover with black color, which hinders the process of photosynthesis in the leaves. Plants are unable to grow their growth.

Remedies– To get rid of this problem, you can spray systemic insecticide, in which you can use monocrotophos or methyl demeton. Which destroys the insect. The fungus will not get enough food to survive. As a result, the fungus starts to disappear. You can also use flour to remove the black layer of the fungus. In which you can boil 1 kg of  flour in 5 liters of water. You can sprinkle on the plants by adding 15-20 liters of water.

6. Mango malformation.

Symptoms– In this, you will see that a strange bunch appears on the twigs of flowers. It is mainly made up of a fungus called  Fusarium moliliforme. It is mainly of three types, including bunchy top phase, floral malformation and vegetative malformation. What we can call it. A bunch made of twigs, a bunch made of flowers and a bunch made of leaves. This bunch dries up after some time. It stays there for a long time. It reduces the number of mangoes on that twig.

Remedies– For this, you  can spray 100-200ppm NAA hormone in October. You can also spray Carbendazim (0.1%) or Captafol (0.2%) to prevent mold, as well as destroy diseased plants.

7. Powdery Mildew.

Symptoms- In this, you will see that white spots will appear on the lower surface of the leaves of the plant on which it is exposed. White powder will appear on the leaves, so that the leaves later turn into purple color and dry out. All plants can have diseases. When there is more outbreak, its effect is also seen in the leaves, twigs, flowers and fruits of the plant. The plants become stressed. Even before the fruits are filled, they start dropping from its outbreak.

Remedies– Keep Mango tree area clean. You can also spray wettable sulfur or carbendazim fungicide for spraying, in addition to other effective fungicides.

You can spray the first spray right after the flowers bloom and the second spray can be done at an interval of 15 days.

Pro Tip:

Farmers brother must use tonics and essential fertilizers along with fungicide for best results.

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Frequently asked questions ?

Can we give Pseudomonas fluorescens fungus with other chemical fungicides ? No.

What could happen if we didn’t use a tonic on mango tree ? You may see a decrease in the yield and quality of mangoes.

Is it harmful to give more water than necessary? Yes.

So farmer brother, how did you find this information?  Do let us know in the comments, your suggestion is important for us.  For the latest information related to other important farming, you can subscribe to our blog and share it with other farmer brothers.

Thank you very much for reading the post and giving your precious time, till then take care of yourself and your crop. !! Jai Hind Jai Bharat!!

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