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Farmer Brother want to Cypermethrin spray ( Cymbush insecticide ) on cotton crop?  Or is it okay to spray any other insecticide? Also want to use cymbush 5 EC to prevent brown plant hopper in paddy crop?  And do not understand whether this medicine is right or not?

How much dose  should I take for spraying?  Will this insecticide sit in your budget or not?  Which company’s product is this? What technical will you find in this?  Is this product good for your crop or not?  What is the market rate? Farmer brothers will know in detail.

Farmers Brother first know which pests they are capable of preventing ?

In sucking insect prevents thrips, affid , brown plant hopper, white bake plant hopper, leaf miner, beetle, fruit berry and larvae. Prevents all types of bollworm as well as small and big worm!! Farmer brother this insecticide blocks the central nerve of insect. Due to which the insect stops breathing. And insect dies. If it does not rain within 24 hours immediately after spraying, then its effect remains  on the crop for 15-20 days!! Now let’s know which technical you get in it?  And for how much percent?

Technical content ?

 Cypermethrin is 50% of what comes in EC form. This is a contact insecticide. Which  works in a contact way!! Farmer Brother Cypermethrin spray effect is seen immediately. As soon as the insect comes in contact with  it, it eliminates the  insect, it is poisons, it affects immediately. Please keep it away from the reach of your children. You can give it with other insecticide. Read further on which crops you can spray it?

cypermethrin spray insecticide

On which crops can you spray it ?

You can use it in cotton and paddy crops. Apart from this, Farmer Brother,  you can spray it on tomatoes, corn, sourghum, cauliflower, watermelon, mango, banana and onion!! While spraying, you must take care that the temperature is low so that you get the best results. Farmer brother you can give it with tonic,  fungicide, NPK quick water soluble fertilizer and any other pesticide.

Pro Tip – “Often small mistakes sometimes call for big losses.” -Unknown.

Are there any precautions you need to keep in mind about Cypermethrin insecticide?

Please take care that you do not give it with a weed killer. Crop may be damaged. The crop may be damaged!! Read more: What are the results of spraying on the crop ?

What are the benefits of Cypermethrin spray ?

Cotton plant :

In cotton, the Affid thrips stem borer controls the leaf hopper. And the bollwarm controls the caterpillar and controls all types of small and big larve !! Your cotton crop becomes safe and healthy. Fruits and flowers have less dropping. The leaves are green. The amount of green lavak / Chlorophyll  increases. It helps to increase the yield.


Keeps the crop healthy and helps in making greenery. Contributes to the growth and growth of the plant!! Affid, Brown Plant Hopper, White Back Plant Hopper, Leaf Bug, Fruit Piercing Fly as well as Stem Borer Stem Rod rode larve, Fall Armyworm Controls!! With the prevention of pests, the quality of the crop starts improving, which leads to good yield.


Prevents thrips and cutter pillars. Improves quality. Onions are healthy and strong!! It helps in a huge increase in yields. Increases the immunity of the plant.


Diamond Bake prevents moth and cutter pillars!! Cauliflower maintains its quality. Affid prevents that!! The plant helps to stay green. Helps in the development of plants!! Enables the plant to fight diseases. Which makes the plants strong.

Banana :

Strengthens the crop, the immunity of the plant increases. And helps in the growth of the plant. Prevents Thrips beetles!! The plant gets greenery, the process of photosynthesis increases, so that the plants can cook well.


It prevent Sucking pest as well as larva . Protects the plant!! It prevents the dropping  of flowers and fruits!! Makes the plant healthy, maintains the quality of tomatoes, which can give a good price in the market!! Helps in increasing the production.


It controls Leaf cutter larva, stem borer and aphid!! Helps in the income growth and growth of the crop!! Help in increasing the yield. Helps the crop to stay green!! Provides protection and gives disease-fighting strength to the plant.

Mango trees:

Controls Leaf hopper, stem borer, fruit feed fly, making the tree safe from pests!! The growth system becomes smooth, quality improves!! and production increases.


Thrips, fruit piercing flies, affid, brown plant hopper, stems are prevented!! Leaf chewing caterpillars and other types of caterpillars are prevented!! There is no decline in the quality of the crop. The crop gets strength!! Plants are healthy. The ability to fight diseases is found. The growth of the plant is good!! It helps in increasing the size of cabbage. Get good weight!!! Due to good quality, in the market good prices are available.


The filling of grains is good. The quality of the grain improves. Stem borer caterpillar, fruit-piercing caterpillars are prevented!! And controls affid, thrips, white flies. Plants are safe, crop yield increases, flowers droppping reduce !! Farmer brother now knows  at what market price Cymbush insecticide is available?

Price / Market rate :

So the farmer brother, a pack of about 1  liter comes up to 18-20 $ .  500ml pack is available up to 10-20$ !! The market price can be slightly higher and lower. Maybe you are getting a lower rate than this, please tell us at what price you are getting here!! How much dose  of Cypermethrin insecticide to take for spraying?


Farmer brother, for cotton and other crops, you have to take 5-6ml per 15 liter pump and for mango you have to take 9-10ml per 15 liter pump!! With Cymbush you can take Biovita tonic or Sagarika in the tonic and you can use priaxor in the fungicide

Before spraying, the farmer should shake the tank well with the help of a stick so that the insecticide dissolves well. Farmer brother, read more about what can be the disadvantages of cymbush insecticide?

What can be the harm caused by Cypermethrin spray ?

Farmer brothers, if seen, there is no significant loss on the crop. If you take more than the prescribed  dose, it damages the crop!! You must know that excessive amount of damage occurs!! Please avoid making this mistake and do not spray with less than the amount of insecticide. The effect of the insecticide is less, the results are less.

If we talk about the manufacturer of Cymbush, then it is the product of Syngenta Company. Tell us that you also get the same technical on other company’s products, you do not necessarily have to take this company, you can buy and use the company that is giving you cypermethrin.

Other pesticides:

Frequently Asked Questions About Cypermethrin spray ?

Should we use expired  Cymbush insecticide?  No, the effect of the insecticide is less, you may need to spray again.

Does Cymbush insecticide work systemically?  No, this contact works in a way.

Is cymbush insecticide toxic?  Yes, it works immediately, keep it away from your children.

So farmer brother, how did you like the information about our Cypermethrin insecticide, please tell us by commenting and share  it with other farmer brothers!! If you have any questions or suggestions, then definitely tell us. if you need any other insecticide information, then definitely write in the comment, we will soon give you the exact information of that insecticide!! You can subscribe to our blog  for  the latest  information about other farming-related insecticide and other such insecticide. You can share it with farmerbrother.

Thank you very much for reading the post and giving your precious time, till then take care of yourself and your crop.  !!  Jai Hind Jai Bharat!!

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