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Farmer brother, today’s our blog topic is Beauveria Bassiana fungus. Which comes under  the product name Beveroz !! What are its uses ?  Is it capable of stopping pests ? How long does it take to control the insects ?  How can we multiply it at home ? What does the beauveria bassiana fungus eat ?  Does it dissolve easily in water ? (Beauveria Bassiana Spray )*

Is it systemic ?  How can we store it at home ? Is it safe for us ?  And some other important things related to it ? First of all, let’s talk about the basic information of Beauveria bassiana fungus ?

Beauveria Bassiana Basic detail-

It is a land-made fungus that eats insects that come from the plant and some leaf-chewing insects. As soon as it comes in contact with the insect, it breaks its cells and enters in it and starts eating it. Which we technically call White Muscadine Disease. In a few days it eliminates it by eating it, as well as it increases its number in it and starts eating other pests. That’s how it keeps multiplying.

Beauveria Bassiana Spray

What Technical content in it ?

In this, we get Beauveria bassiana 1*10*8 CFU in liquid form!!  CFU means Kalini farming unit, it tells how much fungus is present in the product!! It is less and more in different products. The higher the quantity it is available, it is good for us!! You must take care of the amount of CFU while buying!! Farmer brother, now let’s talk about which pests does it prevent ?

Insect control –

It controls both the oral juice-sucking insect and the leaf chewing insect. These include affids, white fly, millibug, grass hopper, sting bug, thrips, red ant, fruit fly, stem borer, beetle, bol wavevil, cutter pillar caterpillar, kodling moth, European corn borer, strawberry root wavell. It controls termites and mites!! Talking about the result time, it gives good results for  15-20 days. You can spray it by mixing  it with tonic, NPK, any pesticide!! But you should not mix it with weed killer. Crop damage can be damaged.

In which crops can we spray Beauveria bassiana fungus?

We sprinkle it mainly with papaya, watermelon, chikoo, cotton, peanuts, tomatoes, eggplant, chili, capsicum, okra, cauliflower, cabbage, bitter gourd, zucchini, lobia,   Peas, french beans, cucumbers, mangoes and bananas can be on.

Benefits on crops ?

Cotton plant :

Protects the plant from stress, reduces the dropping of flowers. Controls white fly, thrips, bollworm and affids in cotton!! Provides protection to the plant!! Helps in increasing the yield. Strengthens!! Helpful in the growth of plants. Helps in keeping the plant green. Helps in fighting diseases.(Beauveria Bassiana Spray )*

Tomato :

Tomato mainly controls white fly, thrips, affids, fruit-piercing caterpillars and spiders!! Provides protection to the crop. Helps in increasing yield !! Strengthens the crop !! Helps in growth. Helps in keeping the plant green. Gives strength to the plant to fight diseases.

Chili :

Chilli mainly controls white fly, thrips, cutter pillars, fruit piercing caterpillars and stem borer!! Helps in increasing yield. Strengthens the crop !! Provides protection!! Helps in the growth of plants !! Helpful in keeping the crop green. Gives strength to the plant to fight diseases.(Beauveria Bassiana Spray )*

Brinjal :

It mainly controls white fly , thrips, affids and stem borer in brinjal. Provides protection to the plant. Helps in increasing yield!! Strengthens. Maintains quality. Helps in developing plants!! Helpful in keeping the crop green. Helps in keeping the plant prone to diseases!! Farmer brother now we talk about its market rate?  How much can it cost?

Market Rate/ Price:-

So here the pack of about 1 liter comes up to 500-600 rupees, according to the location and country the price can be seen slightly higher or lower. Farmer brother, at what rate is available in your area!! Please tell us in the comment!!  Stay away from buying local product !! Results are less!! The choice of genuine pesticide is good!! If we talk about its manufacturer company, then it is the product of Utkarsh. (Beauveria Bassiana Spray )*

Farmer brother, other companies are also offering this technical Beauveria Bassiana. There is nothing that you have to take only  beveroz!! If it is available in your area then you can buy it, if not, then you can buy the same technical which is being given by other company. But farmer brothers should avoid buying local Pesticides,  Save your Valuable earned money and your crop from damage.  Please check the CFU. Farmer brother, now we talk about its dosage ?


You can spray 500-600 ml per 150-200 liters of water per acre, 50-60 ml per 15 liters of water.  80-90ml per 25 litre petrol pump!!  With this, you can take  biovita or sagarika in micronutrient tonic!! Before spraying, shake the tank well with the help of a stick so that the pesticide mixes well.

The most important thing to be careful is that you do not give it with any fungicide . Result not to good . Because it is a fungus itself, fungicides eliminate it!! You can give it with pesticides, NPK fertilizers, tonics!!

Any harm and some precautions?

As you know, there is a loss if you do too much. In the same way, spraying the pesticide in excess can spoil the crop!! And the thing to note is that spraying the pesticide in very small quantities reduces the effect of the medicine. Results are not well. You may have to spray again, spray with the right amount, save your precious time and expenses on laborers !! Farmer brother, keep in mind that you do not spray it on the flowering stage, the plant is damaged !! Not tying a cloth on the mouth causes Breathing problems, vomiting, headache,  Irritation in the eyes, stomach ache can be some of the problems.

Farmer brother, now we talk about how we can multiply it at home?

You have to take 1 liter of Beauveria bassiana + 1 kg of Gudh/ Jaggery.  Together you can take water according to your needs. You can also increase the amount of gudh if you want. Mix them together in 1 bucket and mix them well and cover the bucket tightly with a vessel and cover the bucket tightly with a vessel, then keeps it where is a less temprature for 7-10 days.  It is ready to use in 7-10 days.

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So farmer brother, how did you like this information, please tell us by commenting, your suggestion is important for us. For the latest information about other important pesticides, plant tonic  , you can subscribe to our  blog  and  share  it  with other farmer brothers!! Thank you very much for reading the post !! Till then take care of yourself and your crop !!  Jai Hind Jai Bharat!!

Some frequently asked questions ?

Is Beauveria bassiana a chemical fungus?  No, it is organic fungus.

Can we control fungal diseases on plant by Beauveria bassiana?  No, it doesn’t work on fungi. It work on insects

Can we give Beauveria bassiana and fungicides together?  No.

Does Beauveria Bassiana control African thrips?  Yes.

Does Beauveria bassiana control the western black in chili?  Yes.

Is it systemic ?  No, but it systemically increases the immunity of the plant.

Does Beauveria bassiana dissolve easily in water?  The liquid form dissolves easily, the powder form takes some time.

Can we use expired Beauveria Bassiana?  No if you do so, the chances of getting less results increase.

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