Potash fertilizer Uses Price Dose Content | Benefits | Side Effect ?

Hello farmer brother today we discuss about Potash fertilizer. What is the function of potash in crops? Does the use of potash increase the yield? Is it harmful to soil? What benefits does potash provide to crops?

Apart from this, we will know some other important things related to potash. What is its market rate?  How much do we have to take per acre dose? Can we  give potash fertilizer together with DAP fertilizer?

What is technical content ?

In this, we  get potash in 60% + chloride in 40%.  It does not contain phosphorus and nitrogen. We have to take them separately. Farmers brother there are many types of potash. In which two types of potash fertilizer are mostly used. The first is MOP fertilizer which we  call Muriate of Potash, it contains chlorine content.

On the other hand, the second fertilizer is SOP fertilizer, full namely Sulphate of Potash. It contains sulfur content. It is a bit expensive rather than MOP potash. Here we are only  going to talk about MOP fertilizer.

potash fertilizer

Pro Tip: A good fertilizer.  Leads to good yield.  – Experienced farmer.

 What are the consequences of lack of potash in crops ?

  • The plant does not grow properly .
  • Photosynthesis is not done properly. Plants are not able to cook properly.
  • Plants are not able to take nitrogen well from soil.
  • There is a lack of protein in crops.
  • The outbreak of diseases is more in the plant. They are unable to fight crop diseases.
  • The amount of sugar in the plant is low. There is a lack of sweetness in fruits.
  • The proper growth of vegetative cells is not possible. There is a lack of strength in the plant .
  • Plants are not able to take water well from soil. Lack of water disturbs the balance of the plant .
  • There is a problem of yellowing in the leaves of crops . Purple spots appear on the lower level of the leaves.
  • Yield and quality decline.

What are the benefits of using potash fertilizer ?

  • Plants cook well. Photosynthesis is smooth.
  • The speed of nitrogen absorption from the soil increases. Due to which amino acids are produced in the plant. The amount of protein increases.
  • There is sweetness in the fruits. Increases quality. The quickness becomes available to the plant.
  • This increases the number of flowers and fruits. Reduces the dropping of fruits and flowers.
  • Brings shine to the fruits. Increases the size of the fruit.
  • Increases production. The amount of chlorophyll increases.
  • Smooths the internal action of the plant.
  • Prevents diseases in crops. Strengthens the crop.
  • It develops the plant well. Activates essential  enzymes.
  • Proper opening and closing of the foliage smooths the process of opening and closing. Plants breathe well and cook their own food.
  • Tubers cater to the potassium requirement of class crops. (Potato, carrot, girl, sweet potato, peanut)

When is the right time to give potash fertilizer?

  • Before sowing/ You can give it after ploughing the field.
  • It can be given at the initial growth stage of the crop. (30-35 days later)
  • In the fruit filling stage

Farmer brothers, now we talk about which crops we can use it in?


Farmers can we use in cotton, sugarcane, wheat, paddy, corn, sunflower, soybean, mustard, groundnut, sesame, almond, gram, moong, urad, arhar, barbati, potato, banana, safe, coconut, radish, carrot, papaya, guava, orange, pomegranate, mango and grapes.

You can give it to almost all crops.

How do farmers understand about the benefits of crops?

What are crop benefits ?

Cotton :-

The plant smooths the internal action. Generates the process of photosynthesis of the plant. Due to which the plants cook fast.

Supplies potassium in the plant. Strengthens the crop. Extremely useful in the early stages of the plant. Increases the number of fruits and flowers. Increases the bond size. Boost the yield and quality of cotton.

Chickpeas :-

It does its job by going to the nervous system of the plant. Protects the plant from stress. Smooths the breathing process. Generates the amount of green lavak/ chlorophyll in the plant. Proper setting of fruits and flowers. It increases the roots.

 Remove the deficiency of potassium. Gives strength to the crop. Increases the yield and quality of gram.

Sugarcane :-

Enhances the process of cooking the crop. Protects against stress. Strengthens the plant. It increases the roots. Generates the amount of green lavak/chlorophyll. Keeps the crop healthy. Removes potassium deficiency. Enhances sweetness.

Increases the yield and quality of sugarcane.

Soybean :-

Generates the action of photosynthesis. Smooths the breathing process of the plant. Protects against stress. Strengthens the plant. It also keeps the plant healthy.

Removes potassium deficiency. Generates the amount of green lavak. It increases the roots. Increases the amount of oil in the seeds. Which increases the weight of soybean. Apart from this, the farmer brother increases the quality and yield of soybean.

Peanuts :-

Removes potassium deficiency. Protects against stress. It also strengthens the plant.

Generates the cooking process of the plant.  Increases the amount of greenlavak/chlorophyll. Apart from this, the farmer brother increases the quality and yield of peanuts.


Generates the action of photosynthesis. Removes potassium deficiency in paddy. Accelerates the process of respiration of the plant. It increases the roots. Helps the plant to take nutrients from the soil.

Protects against stress. Gives strength to the crop. He does the stuffing of earrings well. Apart from this, the farmer brother increases the yield and quality of paddy.

Wheat :-

Accelerates the process of chewing wheat. The crop grows. It also develops roots. Strengthens the plant. Protects against stress.

Generates the action of photosynthesis. Removes the lack of potassium in wheat. Apart from this, the farmer increases the yield and quality of wheat.

Farmer brother, now we talk about its dose?

 How much dose to take?

Farmer brother, you  can take it normally 30-50kg (1 bag) per acre. If there is a lack of potash in your soil, then you can also increase it according to the need.

For Fruit-farming you can take 200-500 gm per tree.

You can mix it with other fertilizers, PDM manure, vermicompost manure and granual seaweed manure and give it near the roots of the plant.

Pro Tip: With using potash fertilizer in excess, it damages the crop. The pH of the sweet  increases. The sweet gradually becomes alkaline. Excess of chlorine present in it reduces the number of bacteria present in the soil. You must take care of this.

Also, if your soil is alkaline , then you should reduce its use . Then you can use SOP fertilizer instead.

What is the price/market rate?

So a pack of about 50kg comes down to Rs 850-1100.  According to the location,country. the price can be seen slightly higher and lower. Farmer brother, how much do you get in your area, please tell us in the comment.

If we talk about its manufacturer company,  then it  is a product of Indian Potash Limited (IPL).

Apart from this, there is nothing that you  can only use ipl potash fertilizer. Many other companies are also giving this fertilizer. You can buy it and use it.

Special caution: Avoid buying local potash fertilizer, do not get results. Use some genuine fertilizer. Do not keep it for a long time after mixing it with other fertilizers. Due to chemical reaction, the quality of fertilizer is low.

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Frequently Asked Questions ?

Can we give granulated manure with potash? Yes.

Can you use potash in floriculture? Yes.

Why is potash compost different from DAP manure?   We get the amount of nitrogen and phosphorus in DAP fertilizer, while in potash fertilizer we get potassium.

Are MOP fertilizer fertilizer and NPK fertilizer the same? No.

Does excess of it harm the soil? Yes.

Which nutrient is lacking in potash manure? Instead of NPK fertilizer? It lacks phosphorus and nitrogen. We have to give them separately.

Does potash fertilizer contain nitrogen instead of DAP fertilizer? No

Why Market Rates/Rates of Potash Fertilizers Fluctuates Every Year ? For information, farmer brother, as soon as the price of raw material used to make potash fertilizer fluctuates, then we see fluctuations in the price of potash fertilizer.

So farmer brother, how did you like this information? Do let us know in the comments. Your suggestion is important to us. For the latest important information related to other such farming topics, you can subscribe to our blog and share it with your other farmer brothers.

Thank you very much for reading the post and  giving you precious time, till then take care of yourself and your crop.  !!  Jai Hind Jai Bharat!!

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