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In soybean plant cultivation, there is an outbreak of many fungal diseases. Due to which there is a huge decline in yield. Farmer brother, today we are going to talk about how you can protect soybean from the outbreak of these fungal diseases. Will help to increase yield. In this, we will know what are the symptoms of fungal diseases? What are their remedies? Let’s farmer brother understand in detail.

Major Diseases and remedies for Soybean plant –

1. Alterneria leaf spot.

Symptoms– If we talk about its symptoms, then you will see yellowish brown stains on soybean leaves. The leaves will later be seen drying up and falling prematurely. Also, soybean seeds will be seen making smaller. There will be shrinking in the seeds.

Result– There will be a decline in yield. The quality of seeds will decrease.

Remedy– The best way to avoid this is to choose disease-resistant seeds for sowing. Also, select genuine certified seeds. Before sowing, treat the seeds with thiram or carbendazim. For spray, you can spray mancozeb or copper fungicide   at  2.5gm per liter.

soybean plant

2. Anthracnose/pod blight.

Symptoms– In this, you will see hot brown stains on soybean leaves, twigs and on the fruits. The leaves will be wrapped in a round manner.

The result- Decline in the quality of soybean seeds.

Remedy – To avoid this, you should choose a good drainage land for sowing. Sow certified seeds. Also destroy the residue of the previous year’s crop. Do not harvest the crop soaked in water immediately.  Treat seeds with Thiram  or  Captan or Carbendazim  before sowing. For spraying, you can use fungicides containing mancozeb or carbendazim.

3. Bacterial blight.

Symptoms– In this, you will see light yellow stains on the leaves. Blackness will appear on the twigs. The lower leaves of the plant will be seen dropping.

Result– There will be a decline in the color of the seeds. There will be a decline in yield.

Remedy– The best way to prevent this is to do deep ploughing before sowing. Destroy crop residue. Select certified seeds. Treat the seeds with streptocycline before sowing. You can use copper fungicide for spraying.

soybean plant

4. Rhizoctonia aerial blight / Web blight.

Symptoms- In this, you will see dark brown stains on the soybean plant leaves. There will be stress in the plant. When the evidence of humidity is high in the environment, the outbreak of this disease is mostly seen.

Result– the crop is not developed properly, as well as decrease in production is seen in the yield and quality of soybean.

Remedy – The  best way to avoid this is to not keep the distance of the plant from the plant less. That is, do not sow too dense seeds.  Treat the seeds with Thiram + Carbendazium fungicide before sowing. You can also take  mancozeb or copper fungicide for spraying.

5. Collar rot / Sclerotial blight.

Symptoms– In this, you will see that suddenly the soybean plants will start to turn yellow and dry. The leaves start to turn brown, later the leaves, twigs dry up.

As a result– The growth of plants is slowing down. There is a decrease in production.

Remedy- To avoid this, do deep tillage before sowing. Crop changes are done in 2-3 years. For this you can take corn or sorghum. Destroy the diseased plant. Treat seeds with Pseudomonas fluorescens or Trichoderma viride, Carbendazim or Thiram fungicide before sowing. Also, you can take Carbendazim or Pseudomonas Fluorescens or  Trichoderma Viride. For spot drenching.

6. Frog eye leaf spot.

Symptoms– There will be light brown stains on the soybean plant leaves. Due to the outbreak, the leaves start to rot prematurely. Plants cause stress. Light brown stains will be seen on the fields.

Result– Plants are not able to cook properly. It hinders the process of photosynthesis. There will be a decline in yield and quality.

Remedy– Select certified seeds. In 2-3 years, the crop kept changing. Destroy the remains of the plant after harvesting. Treat the seeds with Thiram + Carbendazim fungicide before sowing, as well as use a fungicide containing mancozeb or carbendazim for spraying.

7. Soybean mosaic virus.

Symptoms– In this, you will see that the leaves of the soybean plant will appear to be crooked. There will be a lot of difference in the color of the leaves. The number of fruits will also be reduced. The diseased seeds are not able to germinate many times. Even if they are done, they remain diseased.

Remedy– The best solution is to choose healthy certified seeds for sowing. Destroy diseased plants. For spraying, you can spray two sprays of Thiamethoxam 25 WG or Methyl Demeton 800 , the first 30 days after sowing, the second at an interval of 15 days.

8. Cercospora leaf blight.

Symptoms– In this, you will see that a purple colored layer will appear on the leaves of the plant. Plants will appear to be suffering from stress. Also, plants are not able to cook properly.

Remedy – To  avoid this, destroy the residue of the previous crop, as well as choose healthy and certified seeds. Before sowing, treat the seeds with Thiram + Carbendazium fungicide. In addition, you  can use mancozeb or copper oxychloride fungicide for spraying.

9. Charcoal rot, Ashay or Stem blight and Dry root rot.

Symptoms– In this, you will see that the roots of the plant start drying up. The lower leaves start drying up prematurely. The plants start drying up and dying. Most of the attack of this disease is seen when there is enough moisture in the soil. Due to some reason the water to the crop becomes low.

As a result-  A huge decline in yield.

Remedy – To prevent this, you should do deep ploughing before sowing. Do not let the crop lack the necessary fertilizer. Make changes to the crop in 2-3 years. Destroy the crop residue of the previous year. Before sowing, you can use Trichoderma Viride or Pseudomonas fluorescens or Carbendazim or Thiram fungicide. For spot drenching carbendazim  or Pseudomonas Fluorescens or trichoderma viride can be used.

Pro Tip:

“Farmer brother must use tonics, pesticides and necessary fertilizers along with fungicide for fungal diseases.”

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Some frequently asked questions?

Can we use only the above-mentioned fungicides? No. There is nothing like that. You can also use other fungicide.

Can we take insecticides along with fungicides? Yes.

What happens if we don’t use fungicides? You may see a decline in yield.

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