Pseudomonas fluorescens Uses in agriculture Price Dose Content?

Farmer Brother today’s our blog topic is Pseudomonas fluorescens. Which we find in abtec’s  product called Pseudo!! In this we will learn some important things related to Pseudomonas fluorescens uses.

Is it a bacteria or a fungus? What can happen to us? What are the benefits to the plant? Is it fatal for us? Does it damage the crop? What fungi does it prevent? What if we smell it by mistake? Does it dissolve easily in water? And some other important things related to it? We will know in detail. Farmer brother, first of all, let us talk about the basic information of Pseudomonas fluorescens?

Pseudomonas fluorescens Basic Details-

For your information, as soon as we give it around the plant. It grows quickly. As you may know, fe3+ ions are needed to grow land-borne diseases, which increase the production  of siderophores in the land.

As a result, it is not available for land-borne diseases. This prevents the growth of land-borne diseases. It also protects the plant from land-borne diseases, environmental diseases and deadly viruses.

In addition, It increases the amount of gibberelic acid, Indole acetic  acid and  Naphthaline acetic acid in the land, which leads to plant rapid growth and development.  Quicker Seeds germination, feed the flowers quickly. It also makes the fruits mature quickly. Overall, this bacteria protects the plant from diseases. The plant grows.

Pseudomonas fluorescens uses

Farmer brother, now we talk about the technical content found in it?

In this, we get  Pseudomonas fluorescens 2*10*7 CFU/g powder in powder form. It is also available in liquid form. Here we are only  talking about powder form. CFU stands for colini Farming Unit. It tells how much technical is present in the product.

It is more or less in different products. The higher the amount of it, the better it is for us.  Be sure to keep in mind the amount of CFU when buying.

Now we talk about which fungus does he prevent?

It mainly protects the plant from the fungal bacteria living in the land. Which eliminates the problem of quick wilt, polyu disease, foot rot, capsule rot, spot rot.  Apart from this, it controls deadly viruses and nimtodes. Farmer brother, now let us talk about  which crops can we give Pseudomonas fluorescens?

Suitable Crops-

We can do it mainly in cotton, soybean, paddy, pigeon pea, ginger, turmeric, betel leaf, cardamom, vanilla, black pepper and vegetable crops. Farmer brothers now talk about the benefits to the crops?

Pseudomonas fluorescens uses Benefits:

Paddy :

Protects the plant from stress, reduces the dropping of the bats.  The nematodes in paddy eliminate bacteria, as well as other fungal diseases caused by the land. Helps make the land fertile.

Helps in growing paddy. Removes gibberelic acid, Indole acetic acid and  Naphthaline acetic acid deficiency. Provides protection to the plant.   Helpful to increase the yield.  Gives strength.  Helps in the developmentof plants.  Helps to keep the plant green.  Gives the plant good strength to fight diseases  .

Ginger :

Ginger mainly eliminates  spot rot, bacterial wilt and nimtode, maintains the quality of ginger. Helps in increasing the production of ginger. Keeps the crop healthy.

Helps in the development of crops. Eliminates land-borne diseases. Removes the deficiency of gibberellic acid . Helps in the growth of ginger. (Pseudomonas fluorescens uses)*

Vegetable crops :

In vegetable crops , it mainly eliminates the fungal bacteria living in the land, which eliminates the  problem of quick wilt, poly disease, foot rot, capsule rot, spot rot and nimtode in the crops.  Due to which the plants remain healthy.

The quality of crops increases. It also helps in growing crops. The amount of green lavak/ chlorophyll in the plant increases. The crop helps in staying green. Increases the plant’s ability to fight diseases. (Pseudomonas fluorescens uses)*

Farmer brother, now let’s talk about  its dosage?


Farmer brother, if you are cultivating horticulture, then you have to give 20 grams per plant to the roots of the plant. You  can also take it at the rate of 20 kg per hectare.

Also, for seed treatment, you can take 25 grams per 1 kg of seeds. After treating the seeds, you should dry it in the shade for half an hour, so that it sticks well with the seeds.

You can also give it with water while running water in the field.  You can give it at any stage of the plant. Just keep in mind that there is a need to have moisture in the field. The most important thing to be careful is that you do not give it with any chemical fungicide . Results are less available.

Farmer brother, now we talk  about its market rate? How much can it cost?

Price/ Market Rate:

So here the pack of about 1 kg comes to 100-120 rupees, according to the location, country, the price can be seen slightly higher or lower.  Farmer brother, at what rate are you getting in your area!! Do let us  know in the comments.

The thing to be careful about is that you  should stay away from buying cheap pesticide in the local. The choice of  genuine pesticide is good. If we talk about its manufacturer company, then it is the product of  Abtec.

Farmer brothers other companies are also giving this technical Pseudomonas fluorescens.  There is nothing that you just  have to take Pseudo!! If it is available, you can buy it. If not, then you can buy the same technical that the company is offering in your area.

You can also order it online.  But farmers should keep in mind that avoid buying local pesticide. Farmer brothers now talk about some losses? And some precautions?

Pseudomonas fluorescens Side effects:

Due to not using properly, there is difficulty in breathing, headache, complaints of pneumonia, abdominal pain. There may be some problems are to be seen.

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Farmer brother, now we talk about some frequently asked questions?

Is Pseudomonas fluorescens a chemical fungus? No,

Does Pseudomonas damage plants? No

Can we control fungal diseases by Pseudomonas fluorescens? Yes.

Can we give Pseudomonas fluorescence and fungicides together? No

Can be used in vegetable crops? Yes

Can we use expired Pseudomonas fluorescens?  It is good if you do not do it. The chances of the result coming down increase.

So farmer brother, how did you like this information, please tell us by commenting, your suggestion is important for us.  For the latest information about other important pesticide, you can subscribe to our blog  and share it  with other farmer brothers.

Thank you so much for reading the post ,Till then, take care of yourself and your crop  !!  Jai Hind Jai Bharat!!

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