Humic Acid 98 : Uses, Benefits, Side effects, Crop Dose ?

When should i spray humic acid ?  Which company has this product Huminoz Humic acid 98 ? On which crops can i use it? How much dose should I take?  How much cost of this product? Can we mix it with other tonics ?  What precautions should be taken before spraying? Are there any disadvantages to using it?  Farmers brother we will know the answers to all the questions in detail.

humic acid 98

What are the benefits of spraying humic acid 98 on crops?

  • It improves the chemical ,  physical and biological structure of the soil , making the soil brown .
  • Greenery increases the amount of chlorophyll as a result the plant remains green. Due to the changing weather, the plants come under stress, it protects the plant from stress.
  •  Humic acid increases the ability of the soil to hold water. As result crops grow well.
  • Even if there is less rain, it maintains moisture in the soil. Extremely useful in drying. Increases the roots of the plant, so that the plants easily take nutrients from the soil and develop themselves.
  • Generates photosynthetic action. No one harms on the animals and the environment. Read more about what is the technical present in this?

What is the technical content in it ?

It contains a mixture of humic acid 69%, potassium humate 98%, fulvic acid 19%, potassium oxide (K2O) 10%.  It has been built under the basis of  plant growth regulator. This is a 100% natural and organic product.  When to spray?

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The best time to spray humic acid ?

First spray – after sowing

Second spray – up to the initial stage of the plant ( 40-45 days)

You can spray humic acid with tonic, fungicide, amino acid and any pesticide, but you should not mix it with weedicide.  The crop may be damaged.  Special caution, do not spray it when the temperature is more than 35 degrees, the results are less seen in the crops. It will be good if you spray at the time of evening  as possible.

At What duration time result persist ?  So good results are seen for about  15 days. Read more on which crops is it beneficial to spray?

In which crops can you use Humic acid 98 ?

humic acid 98

Can be used mainly in paddy, cotton, gram, corn, sugarcane, pigeon pea, soybean, moong, urad, barbati, eggplant, cabbage, chilli, peas and all other vegetable crops.

Apart from this, you can use it in the cultivation of banana, papaya, mango, guava, grapefruit, watermelon, melon, orange, acrod, dragon fruit, ginger, garlic, onion, wheat, jowar millet, peanut and flowers. Humic acid 98 can be used on almost all crops.

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What are the results of Humic acid uses on crops ?  

Cotton :

When sprayed, it is quickly absorbed in the leaves and spreads throughout the system. Increases the roots of the cotton plant.  Strengthens the plant. Gives strength to the plant from disease, plant growth boost. It help the plant to reduce flower- fruit dropping.

Increases the amount of green matter i.e chlorophyll in the plant. The fruit size shape, color of the flowers improves.  maintains the quality. Protects the plant from stress. Helps to increase cotton production. It does not cause any harm to the animals and the environment.


It starts its works Immediately after spraying. Humic acid 98 boost growth of paddy and increases the number of roots, improves the quality of the  paddy  color, fruit size. increases the amount of green matter in the plant, which keeps the crop green. Smoothens the process of food making in the plant, gives the crop the strength to fight diseases,  Plant becomes strong.

Keeps the quality of the crop in high heat. Reduces spike dropping. Increases the chances of the rice yield. It does not cause any harm to the animals and the environment .

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The best thing is that it does not cause any harm to the soil organisms and the environment. As soon as spraying, it goes into the nervous system of the plant and starts its work. Increases the amount of chlorophyll, increases the process of photosynthesis, so that plants can cook well.

Grows crops, gives the plant the strength to tolerate frost and increases plant roots. Removes potassium deficiency. Gives strength to plant to fight diseases. Strengthens the plant, Reduces the dropping of fruit flowers. Increases the number of flowers, increases production.


Increases the amount of greenness in the crops. It makes the plant green. Removes potassium deficiency. Enables the plant to fight diseases, strengthens the crop.  Increases the number of flowers and prevents the dropping of flowers, fills the grains and improves the quality of grains.

Crops grow well.It does not cause any harmful effect on The organisms present in the soil. It is environment friendly, maintain the quality of the crop in high heating temperature, increase production.


It starts its work quickly immediately after the spray. Spreads in the plant through the leaves improves the nervous system of the plant. Increases the speed of cooking , increases the greenery.

Protects the plant from stress. Plant Grows well. It increases the number of fruit flowers. Increases the weight of chili, reduces the cost. Maintains the quality of chili in high heating days, increases production. Maintains the quality of soil. Does not harm to the environment.


Develops the plant. Gives the plant the ability to fight diseases, makes the plant healthy. Maintains the quality of eggplant in high heat Removes plant stress.  Grows the plant, increases the process of plant food making.  Boost  the amount of greenness in plant.


Makes the plant healthy. Creates the process of photosynthesis. keeps the plant green. Keeps the quality of tomatoes in high temperatures time. It does not harm to the organisms of the soil.

Keeps the plant away from stress, improves the quality color and shape of tomatoes. Read more about how much price of the humic acid 98 product ?

Price/ Market Rate :

So a pack of 900 gm comes down to Rs 400-450.  According to the location and country a little price can be seen up and down. How much do you got in your area, please comment. If we talk about the manufacturer company of Huminoz 98, then it  is the product of UTKARSH. Apart from this, farmer brother, you can also buy it online.  Buy Online

Humic Acid 98 Dose ?

You can mix 150-200 liters of water with 300gm per acre, 30gm per 15 liters of water and spray it.

In drip irrigation, take it up to 500gm- 1kg and if you  are drenching, then take 30-45gm per 15 liters of water.

Do not spray in high temperatures. The results are less, it will be good if you spray at the time of the evening. Do not give with weed killers it damage the crop. Before spraying, shake the tank well with the help of a stick so that the humic acid dissolves well.

Does Humic acid cause damage to crops ?

See, everything has some advantages and disadvantages. If you use it in excess, it damages the crop. Increases the pH of the soil, which increases the chances of the soil becoming alkaline. If you spray in very small quantities, you will get less results, use only in the prescribed quantity.

The thing is simple, if you take more quantity dose than reccommeded, it will cause harmful effects on crops and if you take less quantity then it will not work. I hope you understand.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

Can I use humic acid 98 in the tea garden?  Yes

Can I use it in Paddy?  Yes

Does it dissolve slowly in the soil?  No, it dissolves in the soil fastly.

Can I use humic acid in bananas and at what stages?  Yes, it can be done in all stages.

Does humic acid 98 dissolve in water or not?  Dissolves

How much humic acid 98 should be  taken with DAP  for one acre in onion cultivation? Take 1 kg

Can we give NPK and humic acid 98 together?  Yes, you can give it at all.

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